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Serving Mexican and Latin fused cuisine.


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This place is amazing, I have ordered from here like 5 times in the past 2 weeks, and it's been fantastic every time. Best Mexican food I've had in a WHILE. Tip #1: If you order drinks, your food will arrive colder, because they put the drinks in the same package as the food, and mexican food like burritos lose their heat easily. Tip #2: If you order during the lunch or dinner rush, your order will probably have to be assembled before the delivery guy arrives at the restaurant, because these places are extremely busy during the rushes. So, it might be colder. If you want the perfect delivery order from here, order outside of peak hours, and do not order drinks.


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The delivery is always very fast. Love the yuca fries with the chipotle sauce. The Jamaica drink is delicious. The guacamole is so yummy and chips were fresh. Carne Asada and Carnitas Bowls are both very good, I only wish they removed more of the fatty pieces of meat from the dish and that they double check orders before delivering as they have forgotten sauces/condiments both times Ive ordered.


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El Barrio never disappoints. Ive had most things on the menu and love them all. Highly recommend getting Carne Asada on literally anything. And try a mango smoothie if you dine in! I get mine with water instead of milk to make it lighter! Check out their newly renovated space it looks as good as the food tastes!


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Oh man this food is delicious!
Part of my order did spill out into the bag BUT holy cow I cant even complain about that.

I got a beef empanada (yum), a ground beef chimichanga (YUM) and my 2 year old is happily chomping down a carne asada bowl (no dairy). We are so happy.


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I loooove ordering from this place. Today tho my driver decided to call me 6 times and then be rude upon dropping off my food to the secretary at the front desk of my job

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1 review
So delicious and flavorful


Top Reviewer
The best I've had!


1 review
Love their food

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